To rent an apartment in Prague or how to enter into the rental agreement

To rent an apartment in Prague or how to enter into the rental agreement

«To rent an apartment in Prague» is one of the most frequent query in search engines. However, since there is a lot of information available on the Internet, but very often, upon arrival to Prague, prospective tenants are faced with how correctly, and most importantly, to rent an apartment in Prague without any problems. You should be aware that the basic rule governing apartment rentals and various situations related to renting an apartment is the Civil Code of the Czech Republic.

Нow to enter into rental agreement

One should start to rent an apartment in Prague with a written contract. Pay special attention to the content of the rental agreement, we recommend that you consult  a lawyer before signing the agreement. In practice, you may be offered a contract with a different name. Such a contract is valid only in case it does not contradict the civil code, but it has a weak legal framework. We recommend that you insist on concluding a standard rental agreement.

From a legal point of view, a person who rents an apartment and resides in it is a tenant of an apartment, and the owner of a house or apartment is a lessor.

To rent an apartment in Prague, according to the law, the rental agreement must contain the following information:

a) the characteristics of the apartment and its equipment, the possibilities of using the apartment. Namely: the exact address, apartment number, floor number, number of rooms in the apartment, all rooms (bathroom and toilet), other areas that belong to this apartment (for example, balcony, basement). The possibilities of use – it means that some areas may belong to the same apartment, and some are be in the communal use;

b) the method of calculating the rental payment and utility payment  related to the use of the apartment, upon which the tenant and the lessor agree on the operation of the apartment (for example, payment for centralized heating and hot water supply, garbage disposal, use of an elevator, sewage, etc.);

c) It is necessary to pay special attention to the following:

  •  method of payment of rent and utility payments related to the operation of the apartment – the period for the apartment rental in Prague: if for a certain period (date from and to) or for an indefinite period (the date of termination is not specified, the contract is valid until until the parties terminate it by agreement or one of the parties withdrawal from the contract).

In a contract for a fixed term, it is possible to extend the contract subject to the fulfillment of agreed duties.    An apartment  rental in Prague may also be entered into for the period required for the lessor to perform the works. An integral part of the rental agreement is the the establishment of the amount of the returnable money deposit.

Special arrangements agreed upon by the lessor and the tenant

This may be, for example, the method of payment for carrying out repairs in the apartment, cleaning the premises outside the apartment, the possibility and conditions for the extension of the apartment rental. However, one cannot agree on things that are contrary to the provisions of the law. For example, a rental agreement may not specify the date of termination of the contract other than that given in the law, the possibility of terminating the contract of   apartment rental without a court, the prohibition to receive guests, etc.

In the supplement to the rental agreement as a rule, the following documents are provided:

  1. Accounting card required for the calculation of the rental; it contains information about the persons who will live in the apartment with the tenant. In the contract for a specific period, the accounting card may not be required.
  2. Protocol on the transfer of the apartment, where the date of transfer of the apartment  and the condition of the apartment is clearly figured (for example, information about the condition of apartment equipment, heat, hot and cold water meter data, etc.), as well as the the repairs that the lessor is to do.

Further, the lessor gives you 2 keys – one from the apartment and the other from the front door to the apartment house. Bear in mind that only you must use these keys. No one has the right to enter the apartment without your permission, except for the need of emergency services.

You do not need to ask the lessor`s consent for other people to live with you in an apartment.  But it is necessary to notify the lessor on how many people are going to live with you in the apartment. The lessor must know the number of persons in order to settle payments for services related to the use of the apartment. These persons must be indicated on the registration card, which is usually provided in addition to the rental agreement.

According to the standard terms of the contract for renting an apartment in Prague, you can also receive guests in rented apartment for a relatively long time. If guests have been with you for more than 3 months, you must inform the lessor. These persons will be taken into account when paying for utility services. If the person lives with you in the apartment and pays you for accommodation, then one speaks of  a  sublease. In this case, for the sublease the written consent of the lessor is required.

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